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Lost Piece Found

Posted by on September 14, 2015

It was hard not to hear the Counting Crows in my head on Sunday.

“Mr. Jones and … fairy tales..”

I rest my case. Two past posts called  for veteran leadership and just when the Green Bay Packers were in danger of leaning all their weight on youth, an ol’ vet shows up to save the day.

Thank you Mr. Jones!

But here’s the thing, James Jones is only 31 years-old. At worst he has four good years in him. He’s not really an “old vet” yet.

To think he just needs to band-aid for 2015-16 is foolish.

Embrace the idea that he should reasonably remain in Green Bay for the next few years and retire as a solid fixture of team history.

Anything less would be a GIANT mistake.

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