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Has your Panic Attack Ended?

Posted by on November 5, 2015

The sky turns grey in Green Bay after a Packers loss and the clouds appear as though they are close enough to the parking lot at Kroll’s West that you can touch them.

It’s an oddity of science that no one can figure out. It seems to happen every NFL season between one to four times.

The Packers lose and instantly everything needs to be fixed … the team will never win another game … fire Dom Capers…. McCarthy needs to get involved in the play calling…Where’s the pass rush?

Wake up boys and girls, the team we have now is the team we’ve always had under McCarthy — And I’ll take it every single time.

You don’t fire your entire sales staff when they don’t reach their goal for one week or month do you?

You don’t give your mail carrier the bird because your mail didn’t come at the right time last week do you?

So settle down. The Packers had one bad hair day. They drank some goofy Kool Aid and said things they normally would not have.

Tomorrow they could have a record breaking sale. They could sing a tune so well that they win the Voice…

To put it in McCarthy terms: “Keep Calm, Carry on”

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