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3 Things the Packers Must Do to Beat the Skins

Posted by on January 4, 2016

Sure the Washington Redskins do not appear to be much of a of a challenge as the Packers head into the playoffs, but fans beware….

This is, after all, the NFL playoffs. Crazy things can happen. (I.E. A team dominates the NFC Championship Game only to lose it in final three minutes.)

Assuming the Skins faithful will be loud enough to cause a scoring filabuster for the Packers, here are 3 things the green and gold must do to win next Sunday in Maryland.

Trick plays – Sure no one likes to use them as a consistent resource, but since the reality of the Packers receiving corps can best be summed up as…merely available, it will take a lateral or two to make this victory happen. (For those that think this is a bit nuts, Dan Reeves made a living off of trick plays at one time.)

Turnovers – Yes, I hate this one because it’s such a cliche. Every analyst can throw out the ol’ “The team that wins the turnover battle….” statement. It’s silly in most cases, but this isn’t one of them. I doubt the Packers will win without at least one interception or fumble recovery.

Unsung Defensive Hero – Calling Jayrone Elliott…Calling Jake Ryan…Calling BJ Raji..Oh and if you’re the real Mike Daniels, please stand up! It doesn’t matter what it takes, someone needs to make the Redskins offense very uncomfortable other than Clay Matthews.

We will see what happens. Anything can in the NFL playoffs.


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