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If not now … When?

Posted by on April 1, 2016

?The Green Bay Packers build through the draft. Yes. we get it. The Green Bay Packers are not very active in Free Agency. Yes, we get it.

The Green Bay Packers win and are in the hunt for a title almost every year — yes we get that too.

But … (and you knew it was coming)

When do the truly remarkable take the big risk to make themselves legends?

When does the conservative approach (that isn’t getting the final job done) end?

When does the exciting free agent come to Green Bay (like Reggie White) and actually produce?

When does the organization move up –way up– in the draft and take a NEED?

When does the team stop acting like middle of the road players picked up in free agency are a big deal?

When does an organization tire of getting near the doorstep of a championship and instead breakthrough?

This is not a complaint or a rant or a unreasonable fit of emotion.

It’s merely a question: When is enough, enough?

For the first time ever, I’m not brimming with excitement for the upcoming season. I am looking forward to it, but in the back of my mind, it appears the Green Bay Packers are head down a familiar path.

Here’s another question Looking at the roster as it sits today, are the Green Bay Packers a Championship team?

The game isn’t won on paper. It’s won on a field. Lets see what happens.

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