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Alexa…Will the Packers Make the Playoffs?

Posted by on December 12, 2017

Tis the season for giving and receiving. If you’re the Green Bay Packers the time for giving is over. It’s time to receive. A trip to the playoffs that is!

With three weeks left in the 2017 regular season we are back when it all began last year. It’s “run the table” or go home for the new year. And once again it all rides on the collarbone of number 12. Can they win-out and make the playoffs again?

If success breeds confidence, then you certainly should have the feeling I have. It just feels right. It feels like the green and gold will get it done. By all appearances it shouldn’t be the case. Truth be told the team looks more dire than not but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. And maybe that is what they are.

As we await the most sought after bone scan in the history of medicine one can only wonder…

Wonder and waiting is just what the NFL needs right now. A little giddy anticipation.

Let’s ponder shall we… 3 reasons the Packers will get it done:

  1. Don’t look now but we may have a defense. Say what you will about a lack of secondary play, but out of nowhere has come #23 and #50 might have something special. Others are feeding off them… and hey, wait..their was a #52 sighting last week in Cleveland.
  2. The Lions are the Lions. The pressure will get them. The Vikings are the Vikings. The pressure will get to them. Atlanta is starting to let doubt seep in. As for Cam and Carolina? It will only take one or two big plays for #1 to quit on his team early and spend most of his time on the bench dreaming up new post-game wardrobe mis-steps.
  3. A-A-Ron is A-A-Ron. You can’t stop greatness folks. If #12 gets on the field starting in Carolina it might be enough of a mental edge to take out all in the Packers wake. Another chapter in Aaron’s “Football Life” episode could in the making.

We will see…But this much is clear. Nothing good ever happened by thinking negative.

Go Pack Go!

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