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Author Archives: MIke

Alexa…Will the Packers Make the Playoffs?

Tis the season for giving and receiving. If you’re the Green Bay Packers the time for giving is over. It’s time to receive. A trip to the playoffs that is! With three weeks left in the 2017 regular season we are back when it all began last year. It’s “run the table” or go home … Continue reading »

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Adversity is a Good Thing.

Aaron Rodgers is out for the season We’ve let that marinate for about a week and no one likes to hear it or read it, but it’s reality. But lets step back for a moment. Did anyone one think that life after #4 would result in his back up taking title of the Iron Man … Continue reading »

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3 Things the Packers Need Now!

A star D-end. Sorry, will be nearly impossible to win a title without consistent pressure on the QB. A star D-end does that and also rallies teammates.  A legit punter. ?, don’t want to talk such a minor positioaron? It may not make for good TV on NFL Network, but field position can mean everything. … Continue reading »

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Can the Packers Win the Super Bowl this season?

I don’t mean go to the big game. I mean WIN it. I still feel like they are a few pieces short, but possible post training camp pick ups will tell the story. What do you think?

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One Side Wins All

The old saying: “Defense Wins Championships.” is very true. Time and time again it is the defense that comes up big to win the big game. Think about Von Miller, Malcom Butler, Larry Brown, Ray Lewis, Reggie White … and on and on and on. Teams know that a great defense is the key to … Continue reading »

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3 Crazy Moves The Packers Should Make in the 2016 Draft

No risk. No reward. Ok. Are we done with cliches? It might be a good year for the Packers to take some odd risk in the NFL draft. Not the kind of risk that pays off instantly but some really l ong-term risk. Herein are 3 off the wall pick ideas for the 2016 draft. … Continue reading »

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If not now … When?

?The Green Bay Packers build through the draft. Yes. we get it. The Green Bay Packers are not very active in Free Agency. Yes, we get it. The Green Bay Packers win and are in the hunt for a title almost every year — yes we get that too. But … (and you knew it … Continue reading »

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The End of an Era?

On the cusp of the Superbowl isn’t cutting it anymore. There are rumblings out of Titletown that friction exists between Thompson and McCarthy. And while it seems obvious … Where there is smoke there is fire. The clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers career. His hard work and patience has — to some extent — … Continue reading »

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3 Things the Packers Must Do to Beat the Skins

Sure the Washington Redskins do not appear to be much of a of a challenge as the Packers head into the playoffs, but fans beware…. This is, after all, the NFL playoffs. Crazy things can happen. (I.E. A team dominates the NFC Championship Game only to lose it in final three minutes.) Assuming the Skins … Continue reading »

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5 Things Packers Fans Should Be Thankful 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Sure the season has taken a odd turn of the unexpected, but the Vikings game may have been the wake up call to get things back on track. And the Bears tonight are next! Nevertheless it’s a time to be thankful. Here are 5 things to be thankful for if you are a … Continue reading »

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