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Laughing All The Way

When the 16 Sondays journey sets sail, this is what I hope there will be plenty of…Laughter. The games will be fun. There will be wins and most likely losses. The food should be memorable, as will the sights and learning moments, but nothing is better than the laughter of your son. I love the … Continue reading »

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5 Things to be Happy About Today.

Too often we focus on the things we don’t have or the things we want. We do this and yet we pass others each day who have less than us or have life changing conflicts. The reality we are trying to instill in our son is to be thankful for all that you DO have … Continue reading »

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Orange Slices for Everybody!

There is an empty feeling in the world of Wisconsin sports these days. When, as of late, it’s been customary to be geared up for the Brewers, their seasons failings have many state natives longing for something relevant to care about in our local teams. The Bucks are done. The Brewers are a challenge to … Continue reading »

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Great Advice from Steve Kerr

It was a friends Facebook post that I found great advice on the subject of parenting and sports. When I say parenting and sports I mean parenting as it relates to being involved with your own children’s sports engagement. In an online video someone asks Chicago Bulls great Steve Kerr what advice he has for … Continue reading »

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3 Lessons from those who have come before me

A key goal of this blog is to teach my son what I have learned. This includes successes and failures and things I just flat didn’t pay attention to. My father always gently encouraged me to think ahead and most of the goals I’ve achieved or moments I’ve enjoyed were a result of thinking in … Continue reading »

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What a Year of Blogging Teaches

It’s been a little over a year since we started this blog. So where are we and where are we going? What are the lessons I can teach my son by periodically writing about football, family and fun? The most important takeaway I want my son to receive is that not everything you do needs … Continue reading »

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2 Days of life-lasting Meaning

Each year, I set about 5 attainable goals. I list them on my phone and look at them almost weekly. Sometimes I meet them, other times I don’t. As long as I meet the most important goal, I’m happy. What is my most important monthly goal? It’s to spend at least 2 days doing an … Continue reading »

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The perfect Jump Shot with Ray Allen

With Final Four upon us, my son and I have had a debate about which one of us has a better jump shot. I think my shot is pretty good and he thinks his is great! Although this video is old and a bit grainy, it stars one of my favorite NBA players of all … Continue reading »

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The Concept of 16

Everyone wakes up daily and chases a buck. If you are a parent you can plan events with your kids but there are still plenty of times where you trade time to chase dollars instead of spending quality time with your kids.   Even the most successful people in the world trade time for dollars … Continue reading »

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Kids and Money

Dave Ramsey is a figure I have been following for awhile. Some of his principles have served our family very well. I have read all of his books with the exception of  one. I plan on reading it, but the idea that I have not read it and yet, feel confident suggesting it, serves as a … Continue reading »

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