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The End of an Era?

On the cusp of the Superbowl isn’t cutting it anymore. There are rumblings out of Titletown that friction exists between Thompson and McCarthy. And while it seems obvious … Where there is smoke there is fire. The clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers career. His hard work and patience has — to some extent — … Continue reading »

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We are a spoiled lot in Packerland. Undefeated after five weeks of the 2016/2016 NFL season and it feels like nothing more than the proverbial fart in the wind around here… I guess that’s what goes with expectations. So what have we learned? Defense is a nice surprise: CM3 could be looking at defensive player … Continue reading »

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Fantasy Football Tips Anyone?

So we’re a little behind the times. We have never joined a league, been to a “draft” or scoured the waiver wire for a late-season pick up that could put us in championship position. We’ve never played Fantasy Football. It seems so unlikely doesn’t it? I mean with our insane passion for football and everything, … Continue reading »

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Favre 4 Ever: 3 Memories of the Legend

The gunslinger is in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. It is an event that was certainly expected, but what was not expected is just how fast his career unfolded. It seems like yesterday, the kid with name that no one could pronounce arrived in Green Bay. There are so many great memories, but … Continue reading »

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The Sweetest Sound to Human Ears

The sweetest word to everyone’s ears. You know what it is, but perhaps you have forgotten. Your name of course. is nearly a year and a half old and it is community with a long-term platform. We are fine with things moving slowly and moving people into our neighborhood with comfort. We are accessible … Continue reading »

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A First-Timer at OTA’s

There is a first time for even the most diehard of Packers fans. In my case, it was a first-ever visit to watch an OTA practice. As expected it was very basic. Nothing monumental occurs, but it appears to be a vital function to building a foundation for team chemistry. You can observe who walks-through … Continue reading »

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Orange Slices for Everybody!

There is an empty feeling in the world of Wisconsin sports these days. When, as of late, it’s been customary to be geared up for the Brewers, their seasons failings have many state natives longing for something relevant to care about in our local teams. The Bucks are done. The Brewers are a challenge to … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas! It’s Draft Day!

Yes, I am a confirmed draft geek. I will watch the whole first round and large chunks of the other rounds. Tonight, however I have hit a stumbling block that I am fine with. It’s an event that involves my son so it’s okay that I will miss some picks. We will DVR it of … Continue reading »

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What a Year of Blogging Teaches

It’s been a little over a year since we started this blog. So where are we and where are we going? What are the lessons I can teach my son by periodically writing about football, family and fun? The most important takeaway I want my son to receive is that not everything you do needs … Continue reading »

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A Lesson Brackets Teach Kids

This is the first year I’ve ever filled out an NCAA March Madness basketball bracket. Previously I considered it a bit silly. In my mind, there are too many teams and too many teams I know absolutely nothing about. I don’t know Villanova from Vanilla ice cream. A few colleges I have to look up … Continue reading »

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