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A Simple Thank You to AJ Hawk

Hard core Packers fans will critique the play of AJ Hawk until the end of time. Too often what they will bother themselves about is that he once was the 5th pick in an entire NFL draft. Here’s what they will forget: 1. AJ Hawk was available and accountable — always. 2. AJ Hawk was … Continue reading »

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10 Reasons you should still go to Lambeau Field when it’s cold

10. When else are you going to use your cold-weather gear?   9. Won’t have a problem finding a cold beer or truly appreciating hot chocolate.   8. The bars, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and retail stores count on dedicated fans, not fair weather fans.   7. The roar of a live crowd is irreplaceable. … Continue reading »

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What This Community is Truly About

“He couldn’t sleep all week”   If there were a sentence that captures what my vision for this community is all about, that sentence would be it.   He couldn’t sleep all week. My friend Josh said of his son Aiden 11, as we sat in the seats of Lambeau Field for the Packers / … Continue reading »

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First Quarter

So the first quarter of the Green Bay Packers 2014/2015 campaign is in the books. They stand at 2-2 with a strong Detroit Lions team leading the NFC North. So what have we learned so far? 1. Mike McCarthy’s teams start slow. This year is no different. 2. The Defense is Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes … Continue reading »

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3 Awesome gifts for Dad

We temporarily interrupt our normal “Motivational Monday” in order to bring you 3 awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day. So without further delay…3 awesome gifts your dad would love … 1. Packers Comfy Feet Slippers –  So right out of the gate, many dads will be thinking these slippers are stupid, but have him wear … Continue reading »

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Meeting your First Real Green Bay Packers Player

Even as a kid, meeting sports stars didn’t seem all that cool to me. I remember going the annual charity basketball game at my grade school where some Green Bay Packers third-stringers would play against the local fire department or our own teachers. After the game families would line the floor for autographs… It was … Continue reading »

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First Trip to the Holy Grail

I wish I had a dramatic story to share about my first visit to Lambeau Field, but I don’t.  I think the Packers played either Seattle with Jim Zorn or Minnesota with Tommy Kramer. And I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. What I do remember is that my dad took me and … Continue reading »

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Tiny Moments

     It’s always the little things. The things you don’t think matter, seem to matter most. My wife said: “He doesn’t do that activity because he knows you want him to do it so bad.” She was talking about my son and his disinterest in downhill skiing. Dad is really into skiing and wants to … Continue reading »

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