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Kids and Money

Dave Ramsey is a figure I have been following for awhile. Some of his principles have served our family very well. I have read all of his books with the exception of  one. I plan on reading it, but the idea that I have not read it and yet, feel confident suggesting it, serves as a … Continue reading »

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The Excuse All Parents Use

As parents we all make  excuses. We don’t have the money is one excuse. Sometimes it’s founded and other times unfounded. You don’t have money to contribute to the school fundraiser? But I saw you at Starbucks this morning … While money is often more valid, the other excuse for not giving your kids the … Continue reading »

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3 Free Activities to do with Your Kids

3 Father & Son Activities that are Free 1. Hiking Kids like to run and jump and generally just go wild. A hike in the woods or around the neighborhood is a great way to tire the kids out, talk about school or play a game of catch. My son always brings a basketball or … Continue reading »

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Doing Nothing Helps Others

Once upon a time my son and I were a part of an organization called “Y Adventure Guides”. It’s run through the YMCA and it’s basically similar to Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts except that it has a Native American theme. You are part of a tribe (Winnebago. Oneida. Commanche etc). You have a tribal … Continue reading »

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Not Giving is an Excuse

I am an avid listener to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast. I believe in much of this philosophy and although I listen often, I will admit that many of the episodes have nearly the exact storyline: credit card debt, student loan debt, over spending on house or car. It’s the same story because, as Dave … Continue reading »

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Dear NFL Schedule Maker

Dear NFL Schedule Maker: I just wanted to send you a quick suggestion. First off, I am very thankful to be a Green Bay Packers ticket holder, don’t get me wrong, but I have a favor to ask. When you assign the “Gold Package” games please try to keep in mind that most ticket holders, … Continue reading »

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The Lie we Share About Attending Sports Events

Admittedly, attending each and every Green Bay Packers game for an entire season will not be cheap. To quote a line from Fletch: “it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes …Larry Holmes could figure that out.” Yes, we know the drill: Game tickets, gas, plane tickets, Hotel rooms….the list goes on and on. You hear the same … Continue reading »

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