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3 Quick Tips to Make Your Trip to Lambeau Field Perfect

I’ve been to Lambeau too many times to count. Here are 3 things that will help make your Game Day experience great. 1. Leave early/Arrive early – Unless you live in Green Bay or the Fox Valley, depart early for the game. Do this, not just to avoid traffic hassles. Do it so you can … Continue reading »

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Thank you for your Service

I didn’t know him, but if ever there were an image of a person I would want my son to be, this would rank high. It’s good to know that people do exist who make astoundingly bold choices to benefit others above themselves — even superstar athletes. Service, sacrifice and unselfishness…Pat Tillman.

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#TBT Throwback Thursday 01

Sterling Sharpe might be the most under-rated wideout in NFL history. One of my favorite things about Sterling is what he didn’t do. He didn’t constantly call attention to himself or take all the credit for everything good that happened on the field. In this age of social media and hordes of athletes clamoring for … Continue reading »

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Two Words Everyone Should Say Today


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Monday Motivation: A Little Humor with Frank

We break from your regularly scheduled blog posts for a little humor … My son reminded me of something we have all heard but don’t make an effort to do more of … “Dad.” he smiled. “People who laugh live longer. You laugh a lot.” Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do…

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The Best Campsite Ever

Those who know me know that I don’t camp. My usual line is something like: “I like camping if the campground has Marriott or Ritz-Carlton in the title. With that in mind you would understand that I was apprehensive about taking part in what I now regard as the “best campsite ever.” I must be … Continue reading »

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What Will you tell your Kids about Ryan Braun?

Just a simple question today: What will your tell your kids about Ryan Braun or any athlete that made an error in judgement?

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Football Knows No Season

Believe it or not football season is already here… Well, sort of. I’m speaking of the spring practice sessions that are taking place throughout the country this time of year. At some point a Marketing Major branded these practices as a “Spring Game.” Smart (And funny at the same time.) For those seeking their football … Continue reading »

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State Sports Personality Word Association Game – PART 2

Here is what I came up with. What about you? State sports personality word association.Write in what sports personality or star comes to mind when immediately saying the name of each state. (example: Alabama – Nick Saban. Wisconsin – Ryan Braun). We will have our answers on a future post. Enjoy! If you want to … Continue reading »

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Son Doesn’t Like Football? Plan B is in place.

One of the things to consider when starting a blog about taking your son to every Packers game in one season is the unthinkable: What if he doesn’t like the Packers? What if he doesn’t like football? After all, it’s about father and son and sharing a journey isn’t it? Yes and no. It is … Continue reading »

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