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Video Posts

The perfect Jump Shot with Ray Allen

With Final Four upon us, my son and I have had a debate about which one of us has a better jump shot. I think my shot is pretty good and he thinks his is great! Although this video is old and a bit grainy, it stars one of my favorite NBA players of all … Continue reading »

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Dear Son, Stay Busy!

Dear Son, Everyday should feel like Saturday or Sunday. Lets stay busy!

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Looking Forward to Mel Kiper

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to watching Mel Kiper work. While this post is mean’t in good fun. I don’t know if appreciates the compliment of Frank Caliendo or despises my fellow Wisconsinite. What I do know, is that Mel Kiper is the living embodiment of niche building. Like … Continue reading »

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Eddie Lacy Just Gets the Job Done

2 Minutes and 12 seconds of hard work glamorized as something effortless. Eddie Lacy doesn’t run away from people or have a smooth running style. He just does the most important thing a football player needs to do. Eddie Lacy suits up and does his job. The Eagles game yesterday at Lambeau was a prime … Continue reading »

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Jordy Nelson: Results Man

A Lot will be written about Calvin Johnson this week and sports radio will debate who the best receiver in the league is… Last season I recall watching Calvin Johnson drop a few passes against the Packers. I don’t have distinct memories of Jordy Nelson dropping passes. In our house we have a saying: “Jordy¬† … Continue reading »

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Monday Motivation from the Master

I wish it was this easy. Watching a motivational video really gets things in gear. The question is: Will you take any real action after watching this? Because words do much unless they are put into action.

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Mid-Week Motivation: Get Up! Keep Going!

This is a bit cliche, but I like it because it’s so true. Life is hard, but you just have to get up and keep going. The real question is: What are you rising from defeat to continue to pursue? I want to go to every Green Bay Packers game in one season with my … Continue reading »

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Motivation Monday: The Most important Trait I Want my Son to Learn

Don’t be fooled by the first part of this audio content. It would be nice if my son grows up to be financially successful beyond his wildest dreams, but that’s not what I want him to learn. I hope he just learns the #1 trait of Decca-Millionaires. If he does that the money part will … Continue reading »

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Motivational Monday: Make Time!

Happy Monday! Don’t make excuses. Make time. Make things happen.  

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Monday Motivation: Pain is Temporary

I’ve been looking for a place and time to share the inspiring speaking of Eric Thomas with you. Most of his videos are a bit lengthy, but here is one that I hope will inspire you to have a great Monday. Do that! Have a inspiring and productive Monday!

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