Has your Panic Attack Ended?

The sky turns grey in Green Bay after a Packers loss and the clouds appear as though they are close enough to the parking lot at Kroll’s West that you can touch them.

It’s an oddity of science that no one can figure out. It seems to happen every NFL season between one to four times.

The Packers lose and instantly everything needs to be fixed … the team will never win another game … fire Dom Capers…. McCarthy needs to get involved in the play calling…Where’s the pass rush?

Wake up boys and girls, the team we have now is the team we’ve always had under McCarthy — And I’ll take it every single time.

You don’t fire your entire sales staff when they don’t reach their goal for one week or month do you?

You don’t give your mail carrier the bird because your mail didn’t come at the right time last week do you?

So settle down. The Packers had one bad hair day. They drank some goofy Kool Aid and said things they normally would not have.

Tomorrow they could have a record breaking sale. They could sing a tune so well that they win the Voice…

To put it in McCarthy terms: “Keep Calm, Carry on”

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We are a spoiled lot in Packerland.

Undefeated after five weeks of the 2016/2016 NFL season and it feels like nothing more than the proverbial fart in the wind around here…

I guess that’s what goes with expectations.

So what have we learned?

  1. Defense is a nice surprise: CM3 could be looking at defensive player of the year so far.
  2. Our WR corps might not even visible if it weren’t for TT picking up James Jones.
  3. The NFL as a whole is down. It’s parity in the negative…a lot of teams are just not that good lets be honest.

Which begs the question: Are the Packers that good or is the NFL that bad?

And before we get too excited, remember weird things happen. Before you know it we are hosting the NY Giants or Seahawks for the NFC title at Lambeau….

But let’s just get there first.


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2 Weeks In…

So we’re two weeks into the 2015 NFL season and everyone in Pac.kerland is excited.

2-0 looks good doesn’t it?

James Jones looks like the perfect fit doesn’t he?

Other teams with high expectations are crumbling. Andrew appears out of Luck. Nothing is a Brees for Drew and it’s another snake bite for Romo as he will be a no show for most of the year.

Oh, and ….Same old Jay.

But be humble my Packer faithful. Eddie has a nicked peg. The Adams family is limping along and the linebackers? Anyone remember how reliable AJ Hawk was?

I guess reliable counts for something doesn’t it?

Now Chiefs roll into town with a bruised ego. I don’t want to  be Debbie Downer, but beware of your comfort my fellow fans.

Be humble my friends, be humble …  and carry on.

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Lost Piece Found

It was hard not to hear the Counting Crows in my head on Sunday.

“Mr. Jones and … fairy tales..”

I rest my case. Two past posts called  for veteran leadership and just when the Green Bay Packers were in danger of leaning all their weight on youth, an ol’ vet shows up to save the day.

Thank you Mr. Jones!

But here’s the thing, James Jones is only 31 years-old. At worst he has four good years in him. He’s not really an “old vet” yet.

To think he just needs to band-aid for 2015-16 is foolish.

Embrace the idea that he should reasonably remain in Green Bay for the next few years and retire as a solid fixture of team history.

Anything less would be a GIANT mistake.

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It’s Still Missing

I have learned not to panic. Not only am I getting too old for such nonsense but that’s the power of Ted Thompson.

The “In Ted we Trust” mantra continues in Green Bay and how can it not? The team was in the NFC Championship game last year and basically had it won if not for the most unreal series of negative events 4– which most likely won’t happen again in the NFL for 40 seasons.

But …

Is something still missing? Injuries are taking hold and the team seems to be doing patch-work to stop the bleeding. I’m sure TT has something brewing – a training camp cut from another club that will star this season in titletown most likely…

What do you think? Is the conservative approach to Ted Thompson wearing thin with you?

Please share your thoughts with us on Twitter, FB, Google Plus and Periscope!

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The Thing That’s Missing …

There seems to be something missing – still.

As the Packers approach the upcoming season, we are each intriqued by what’s to come. It feels like it’s their year. It feels right that the first team to win the big game known as the Super Bowl would win the big game on it’s 50th anniversary.

But throughout Super Bowl history the winning teams have virtually all had a clear – almost iconic – vocal leader.

(See Charles Woodson, Ray Lewis, Richard Sherman etc..etc)

Who is that Green Bay Packer?

Is it Clay? Is it Mike Daniels? Is it Josh Sitton? Could this be a really special year where a rookie or free agent steps up and isn’t afraid to be a boss?

History tells that the Packers should go far this year. I just hope they don’t come up short due to a loss for words.

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Formalities Aside


Can we just stop it already?

You’ll hear me say this many times over the course of the blog: My journalism professors always taught us to never start a piece of writing with a question. It’s cheap. It’s lazy. It’s an easy way in.

Sure, okay, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

So my easy way in is this: Can we just stop already?


Can the national sports media (the real pros) stop constantly saying “The National Football League” in its entirety when referring to the NFL? It’s the NFL. The NFL needs no introduction. It’s a brand that actually can be mentioned by its mere letters and nearly everyone on earth knows what it is.

The NFL .. Done!

That’s what good branding is. Good branding is a product so identifiable that you don’t need to spell it out for people. You can take the long-hand version and boil it down to its smallest form.

Why do pundits constantly still refer to the NFL as “The NATIONAL Football League?”

Everything is abbreviated now. FEDEX…MGD….UPS ….KFC….UFC … PBR…. And when we refer to these brands we don’t lay the whole thing out so please stop.

The NFL does just fine by itself.

Now I need to get Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller Genuine Draft to go with my Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Preseason: Game 1

You can’t tell much from these preseason games. Over the years the games have become watered down by game plans that clearly don’t represent a true approach to what teams are thinking of doing as far as scheme and play calling.

Essentially preseason NFL has morphed into adult sandlot ball.

And that’s okay. It gives the players a chance to develop their routine, get their uniform right, break –in some gear and get reps with terminology.

For fans, it gets our minds in “football mode” and lets us see some good players that may not make the squad at the end of the day. John Crockett is an example. He had a nice game, but will he be on the final roster? Maybe or maybe not.

It’s also fun to see the spawning of a star. Mr. Rollins? He showed a flash didn’t he?

Who really knows how the coaches see what we watch on TV. They are most certainly looking at some seemingly mundane detail that we never considered as an average viewer. Like foot placement and hand placement.

I just hope that once preseason ends, they see a championship team and do their best to lead them to holding the Lombardi Trophy.

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Fantasy Football Tips Anyone?

So we’re a little behind the times. We have never joined a league, been to a “draft” or scoured the waiver wire for a late-season pick up that could put us in championship position.

We’ve never played Fantasy Football.

It seems so unlikely doesn’t it? I mean with our insane passion for football and everything, how could we not have done this activity yet?

Simple. Just didn’t want to add another task to my plate and also have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of rooting for a Viking, Bear or Lion. (But I guess we don’t have to draft any players from the NFC North now do we?)

When I reached out via Facebook, it took about less than fifteen minutes for a friend to write back: “Don’t draft any Chicago Bears.”

Unless Walter Payton steps down from Heaven, we won’t. But to be truthful isn’t it hard to say no to AP if he is still on the draft board?

So here’s the deal: This year we are going for it! It’s on strict orders from the son that inspired 16 Son Days.

So please weigh in…Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest…Add comments to the bottom of this post….Whatever works for you. And don’t forget to email us so we know how to thank you when we win!

Contact us at: info@16sondays.com

Thanks! Game on!

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Forever September

Training Camp starts next week, this event used to signal the end of summer, but did we ever really have a summer to begin with?

My wife said to me the other day: “I can’t wait for football!” (Can you tell we are a match?)

I said: “You’re not kidding! I wish we could fast forward each year to September!”

She laughed, “That might be pushing it!”

Maybe that’s the case, but it is my favorite time of year… Crisp air, hearty foods, Fall colors and football. It doesn’t get any better!

A life with September forever would be just fine to me.

Can’t wait for kickoff!

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