Favre 4 Ever: 3 Memories of the Legend

The gunslinger is in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. It is an event that was certainly expected, but what was not expected is just how fast his career unfolded.

It seems like yesterday, the kid with name that no one could pronounce arrived in Green Bay.

There are so many great memories, but here are three that I will always remember:

1. the diving touchdown, the last at Milwaukee County Stadium: It”s wonderful that coach Holmgren tied it to his presentation at the ceremony

2. The Superbowl touchdown to Andre Rison: I was in New Orleans, but watching it from Bourbon St. with friends….His arm pumping his helmet in the air and the smile on his face…unforgettable. It was in that moment that Packers Nation knew the glory would return.

3.  Retirement: His teary departure from Green Bay. It  was a surreal day. Someone how the world had a feeling the book on Brett Fave’s football career was not finished.

Of course there are many more memories, but those three really stand out.

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Quality Time in 15 Minutes

Quality Time with regard to kids is thrown around rather loosely these days. Each of us has our own definition of what quality time means.

I recently read a great book by a writer I follow, Jon Acuff. His latest book is DO OVER. He specializes in kicking your career into gear and reaching your dream life.

We all have dreams, goals and tasks we aim to accomplish but we are burdened by a lack of time or  discipline to realize them.

Acuff came up with a simple plan to accomplish some goals this summer. He created a sheet of paper with 100 boxes. Each box represents 15 minutes.

And I bet you can guess what comes next….

You work on a goal for 15 minutes each day and check the box off.  When complete you will have worked on a goal for 25 hours. Pretty simple right. It’s called DO SUMMER and it’s a reminder that all goals aren’t conquered with giant leaps.

I started this action plan with 3 tasks: Exercising, writing and playing sports with my son. So far I’m doing fairly well on all fronts. Especially the writing and sports. (Exercise, as you might expect is a real challenge.)

The 15 minutes of sports each day has really turned into something my son looks forward to. How I chose to make it more productive is by using those 15 minutes to work on specific sports drills. For basketball it might be layups, for baseball it’s batting and for football it’s 15 minutes of running bad ass slant pattern or super sweet deep route.

Almost daily the kid comes home from summer school to excitedly say: “Let’s do our 15 minutes!!”

To me, that’s quality Time.

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Q in Question

Datone Jones suspended and Andrew Quarless arrested for firing a gun in public….

Charles Barkley was wrong. Athletes are role models. Just about anyone on TV is a role model to some extent because our society basically tells people that if someone puts you on TV you must be special.

How to address the matters of Jones and Quarless with kids is a tough question. It’s one that I do not have answers to.

Barkley was correct is stating that parents should be role models.

Yes, in the end, parents should be role models. How a parent explains right and wrong is what matters.

And when a parent decides to turn off the TV is being a good role model too.

Admittedly, the TV will not be turned off when the Packers are on next season and my son will be watching when Andrew and Datone are on the field.

We will just won’t be cheering as much when either of them make a good play. And if we cheer, it might be a good time to teach the next lesson we all know to be right.

People deserve second chances.

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One Month Away…


It's Just Mini Camp, Relax.

It’s Just Mini Camp, Relax.

I know we are only about a month away from training camp, but don’t we get a bit too excited about things?

It’s the same storyline each year:

Rookie Camp opens and raves come through the inter-webs about who “looked good” and the pundits get all excited about how well those that “looked good” will match up with teammates or the opposition.

Mini Camp opens and the raves continue. And some of the slow criticism starts to creep in from the experts. (The ongoing yearly rip is that Eddie Lacy looks heavy…I’ll take a heavy Eddie Lacy over a light Reggie Bush any day, won’t you?)

Let’s pump the breaks for minute.

Once upon a time Jayrone Elliott got 5 sacks in preseason. Then there was a wideout named Chris Johnson that was just unstoppable…  Isn’t he on the Vikings now? Heck,  Michael Sam had 5 sacks in preseason and now he can’t even stay on a CFL roster.

It’s exciting that training camp is only a month away but lets just  ….. R-E-L-A-X.


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The Secret to Life with Steve Jobs

This is a lesson I want to teach my son. It’s the only way to make a true impact and to live the life that is truly yours. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us at info@16sondays.com or on our social media platforms. (Special thanks to the Santa Clara Historical Society for posting this video.)

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What a 16 Son Day Game Day Morning will Look LIke

It’s early yet, but here’s what a 16 Sondays Gameday Morning Might Look Like:

Gameday morning starts with breakfast. Good Belgian waffles, fresh orange Juice and fruit and of course coffee for dad. Meat will have to be involved. Canadian bacon, s some sausage or piles of crispy bacon. Have any venison? Good! Plate of that as well. Toast certainly should be there, with jam.

The quantities don’t have to be massive, just a healthy sampling of these items to get your engine started.

Some of you will not be bashful and start with a spicy bloody mary (and a chaser of course). And I wouldn’t haze anyone who wanted to start with a mimosa. Just make sure it’s some decent stuff, save the cheap sparkling wine for a guest that doesn’t make you smile wide. Give them the Brut and save the Dom for yourself – maybe a playoff game breakfast if you’re one of those who need it to a marginally special occasion to crack authentic champagne.

Again, to each their own. More power to you!

(For those outside Wisconsin: A chaser is a small beer to accompany the bloody. I can’t e
xplain it any more than that. It’s a Wisconsin thing. We add a small beer with our bloody mary.)

Side note: 16sondays is not a drunk fest, but I think it’s also important not project a false image to kids. Dads drink beer – and sometimes other things – but you have to do it very responsibly.

After showering, you don your gear and get your gameday goodies together: Cooler, beverages, gloves, snacks. Whatever suits you.

An Uber driver arrives to pick you up to take you to the waiting luxury motorcoach. Let’s be clear: It’s not a bus it a motorcoach. (Difference? A bus does not have a bathroom)

In some situations, perhaps the en lieu of the motorcoach and Uber driver, a limo will pick you up. Maybe we will have a VIP group. We do want this to be as much of luxury experience as possible so a limo would be nice.

There will certainly be a stop for better coffee. Starbucks, Caribou, Stone Creek. You get the idea. You’ll order your fufu drink that most men would be too manly to admit to liking and probably a pastry. (These are the same people that think Michael Jackson wasn’t cool at one time and never considered buying a Milli Vanilli CD. (Yet both artists sold millions of albums and CD’s and downloads.)

You’ll board your motorcoach or be whisked away in your limo and there we are … off like a herd of turtles as my father used to say.

For those coming in from other states? You will arrive in Milwaukee or Madison or Green Bay and be taken to your hotel of course. We will have more on this in future posts. The vision right now is not for the experience to be so organized that it feels like group line dancing lessons.

We want these games to be a special memory you share with your son or daughter. We want it to be relaxing, just like living in a nice community is relaxing.

We’ll figure it out. We have eight years to get our ducks in row. But with that in mind, it’s not too early for you to interact with us and plan your future to join us.

Keep checking back at 16sondays.com and follow us on all the social media platforms.

You will not want to miss out on the best *16Sondays of your life.

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Even Champions Fail

Yes, of course even champions fail. Not even the most accomplished just had success from start to Finish, but trying to instill this concept into kids minds is a challenge to say the least.

I want to explain to my son the best way I can, that sometimes tons of hard work might still end up with you losing or failing. But what you see as a loss or failure is really success in delay.

I thought about this as a result of the NBA Finals.

For no apparent reason our household was pulling for Cleveland. I told my son I wanted them to win because Cleveland is a smaller city (like our Milwaukee) that has never won the NBA Championship – and I like and respect the hard work of LeBron James.

He likes Steph Curry but wanted Cleveland to win (I think because I did).

After the game 6 loss, a dejected James said he would rather not make the playoffs than lose in the finals. Emotions are often too strong after a traumatic event and perhaps King James needs time away from the court to rethink things.

While he might be concerned about his legacy; having lost multiple NBA Finals, at least he has arrived at the biggest stage multiple times.

Perhaps the lesson is this: Grand success truly depends a complete team. And the delay for his success will cause the Cavaliers brass to bring another star to their city.

We will see what happens next year. LeBron and the Cavs will gather themselves and try again and let’s be honest, they will be back in the playoffs.

At the end of the day, champions never completely fail or lose. As the old saying goes, the only way you can really fail is by never trying again.

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“Dad, You’re the Best!” Here are 3 ways to show him you mean it.

Let’s be real here. Most father’s will tell you that they don’t “want anything” for Father’s day.

They will say something obvious like: “I just want to spend time with my family….Do something with the kids.”

Here’s the truth no dad will admit: Everyone likes a gift once in awhile.

With that said, dads like gifts but won’t ask for something specific. Let 16sondays.com make it easy for you. Below are three Father’s Day gift ideas for you to consider for your Father, Son, Husband or Grandpa.

Happy Father’s Day!

1. NFL Record & Fact Book 2014 (Official National Football League Record and Fact Book) – Eliminate those weekly household debates about important NFL facts, like who has the all-time record for fumble recoveries, safeties or consecutive games played.

2. NFL Hats – Is there a dad who doesn’t have too many ball caps? Mom loves her purses and shoes, dads love gear and their hats. Add to his collection on this Father’s Day.

3. GoPro Hero 3 – Help document your life. Camera phones are great, but strap a GoPro to your ski, helmet, pet’s collar or bike wheels. This amazing interactive camera brings documenting events to a new level.

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The Sweetest Sound to Human Ears

The sweetest word to everyone’s ears.

You know what it is, but perhaps you have forgotten.

Your name of course.

16Sondays.com is nearly a year and a half old and it is community with a long-term platform.

We are fine with things moving slowly and moving people into our neighborhood with comfort.

We are accessible on most forms of social media. Some are good and some are maybe not a space we should be in. And a few we have neglected (Google Plus, Facebook are examples.)

Twitter is a favorite, and just recently I’ve surfed around Perisope. We have yet to do our first broadcast, but this past Saturday something interesting happened on Periscope.

I found a live broadcast from T-Mobile CEO John Legere. He was running in Central Park with his daughter; answering questions while running. He was talking about Star Trek and Batman and music and basic pop culture stuff.

I added my two cents on the Batman movies and something odd happened. A CEO of a large company said the name of our website to hundreds of followers around the world.

This shouldn’t be such a shock. After all isn’t that the idea of social media in the first place? To reach people around the world? To share ideas, creativity, passions, fears and successs?

Sure, but here’s the thing…

It was the first time I ever heard anyone say the name of our site aloud. It’s like hearing someone say your name. It’s odd and inspiring at the same time – – and wonderful.

What made it all the more great was the idea that here was a successful, busy, business icon doing an activity with their child. Quite perfect, since that’s really what 16Sondays.com is all about – creating moments and forever-memories for our kids.

We all aim to be acknowledged, even if it’s by complete strangers. Hearing our own name or the name of a brand we are trying to create is unlike any other sound on earth.

Thanks John! We appreciate your mention of our site. On to the next first …

What will it be?

A fan wearing a 16 Sondays t-shirt?

A famous blogger emails and offers to contribute a guest post?

Who knows? I know this. I want to teach my son to dream not big, but huge!

So I dream huge as well. That means eventually T-Mobile will be a major sponsor for our 16 Sondays journey.

After all, what goes better with parenting than good communication?




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Laughing All The Way

When the 16 Sondays journey sets sail, this is what I hope there will be plenty of…Laughter.

The games will be fun. There will be wins and most likely losses. The food should be memorable, as will the sights and learning moments, but nothing is better than the laughter of your son.

I love the comic opportunities that come up in the context of a father-son relationship.

Harrison Ford

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