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Are you already on the road to parenthood? Pregnant? Trying to conceive (TTC)? Follow here for posts specifically tailored to support you as you go through the ups and downs of fertility treatments, pregnancy and more.

Love Is In The Dare

So, still shaking the glitter out of my hair from New Year’s, I’m here to tell you that I made a resolution this year. Or should I call it a dare: “I’m going to spend […]

What’s Up Doc? Knock Me Up!

When searching for an IVF doctor (or fertility of any kind), make sure to ask women you trust Friends & Family! .  It’s likely that you know at least one person who has had fertility […]

By |January 14th, 2014|Trying|1 Comment|

Welcome to xoBlu!

Phew! xoBlu is finally launched! As usual, after almost two months of delays with web developers I ended up DIY’ing the site on my own – what can I say, single motherhood is empowering. […]