My name is Blu, and that’s me with my Lil’ Nugget in Malibu, CA where I aspire to spend the rest of my days and nights! Originally from Boston, now humorously from Los Angeles, I’ve been an entertainment executive since the Jurassic era. I was also once a physical trainer and spinning instructor at an exclusive celebrity gym in West Hollywood.  What can I say? I’ve been around the block!

But more than where I live and what I do for rent, I’m a single mom by choice – which just means I skipped the whole marriage thing and chose to be a mom on my own through IVF and a sperm donor. Life’s been a tornado of love since the Lil’ Nugget (aka Tasmanian Devil) arrived in November of 2012, but I can’t imagine my life any other way now.  And it’s just getting better and better! Who knew single motherhood could be so empowering?

That’s why I created this site. Between mommy blogs, news articles, science journals, and parenting magazines I couldn’t get all my information in one place and on the go.  With my experience becoming a single parent, I’ve collected some great information and truly amazing experiences that I want to share with all of you and empower you on your journey to parenthood. Topics include everything from single motherhood by choice to assisted conception, fertility, surrogacy, breastfeeding, dating, shopping, entertaining, lifestyle and more.  I do it because I love this stuff, and hopefully you do too!